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Psalms 23 - 2020 1-month Calendar pages - Download = $Free

Since I did not get the 2020 calendars made, due to financial constraints, I am making each month of 2020 available as a free image download. I will make them available here as I complete them. These have been formatted to an 11" x 17" page which is what my printed calendars usually unfold to. If you have a color printer you can try scaling it down to an 8 1/2" x 11" page. Or take the digital image on a thumb drive to a printing location. I print them at work on our color copier and, although the quality is nowhere near professional print quality, it still makes a descent calendar for my workspace. Also, as you can see below, I am making a set available for computer desktop backgrounds. I will do my best to have a new calendar printed for 2021. Thank you to all that have given me so much support.

To download:
1. With your mouse, right click on the image you would like to save
2. With Firefox, choose 'Save Image As...'. With Edge, choose 'Save picture as'. With Chrome, choose 'Save image as...'
3. Select the location you wish to save the file to